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Code for Life

May 18, 2015, by admin, category Uncategorized

Dear readers,

Be a Programmer is full with happiness and sadness. we feel sad if project finished too late, and we are happy if then “money was came to papa” 🙂

Code for Life is a good title for this article, because we code for life, not only my life, but our life. Code is the most powerfull things now. Because an Information Technologies was reach their great power. Every time, everywhere, everyone.. Each of us use this technology to support our life.

as Simple thing, Programmer need for food, and people need for easy work. are you believe that programmer do that just for food ?

The good programmer will create their code to human future, but the bad programmer will use their code to be a beacon, mmmhh. be a “weapon”. We can say it like Google. Now Google is the biggest IT Company in the world. Everytime, everyone of us use google, Android is devices made by google, we use it everyday. Maps, Translate, Search for restaurant, Google make our life easier. But WAIT….

we can put our suspicious to this company.. They have the superpower, power to control human, a most of human in the world. I remember what Einstein’s says :

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Yeach, the technologi be smarter, and human be idiot, we are killed by small machine, our smartphones.

In the next of decades, Programmer will rule the world, technology is the king. and you will follow them, ready or not.


  1. sikis izle |

    Man kann jeden Tag etwas Neues hier lernen. Ich bin ein regelmäßiger für die meisten von denen Blogs, aber immer noch nicht um ein Paar von ihnen wissen.

  2. khairul fuad |

    am I the first visitor dam? damn, the design in this web is awesome, can you teach me dam hahaha LOL 😀


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